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What we do

Green Rock is among the first of a new breed of content creator: a production agency able to realise the commercial power and brand potential of content for companies across a range of sectors including financial services, retail, education, travel, food, health and arts and culture.


Creating, planning and innovating to maximize full potential of briefs.

Making it happen: live, recorded, cross channel, cross genre.

All-inclusive studio hire: Everything you need to create great content.

Crafting our output: ‘always-on’ video post in the heart of London.

Latest Green Rock projects

Powered by Green Rock, TOG Studios brings together all the kit, crew and creative expertise needed to bring your idea to life quickly and easily. A better way to create content, wrapped in The Office Group’s trademark hospitality.

Call to book 020 7833 22 77

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Who we work with

“Green Rock are a key partner to Spandau Ballet, and its been a pleasure to work together. Over the years they have delivered some complicated projects for us with real quality, whilst always being flexible and going the extra mile.”

Steve Dagger, Manager, Spandau Ballet.