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Long or Short… Does it Matter?

Join us to hear how format is changing.

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The Groucho Club, W1D 4QB
Friday 7th July, 8.30am – 10:30am

We continue the Green Rock Sessions at London’s exclusive Groucho Club on 7th July. A panel of industry experts, informal breakfast and a lively discussion about brands becoming broadcasters. We will hear from brands, publishers and media buyers on how they are shaking up their creative and strategic approach to branded content.

Speakers include:


GREEN ROCK:  Tim Plyming
YOUTUBE:  Jennifer Morris
MAGNUM:  Anne Bourgeois-Vignon
CARAT:  Fred Westcot

What is the recipe for successful content?

Emotionally connecting with your target audience, putting the story first and using the right talent mix to deliver your message are just a few important factors in getting the it right… but what about the format and length of the videos in your content strategy?

In 2014, the average length of the top 50 most popular videos on YouTube was under 3 minutes (2 mins 54s), and the pressure was on to create punchy, attention-grabbing content that got to the point and sold quickly.


Forward 3 years and developments in mobile technology and hardware has meant the places and platforms that we choose consume content has changed. Mobile content is shorter than ever as it competes on scrollable news feeds where brands have less than 2 seconds to engage with their audience. On the other end of the scale, data suggests that audiences are seeking out  high quality, returnable content ranging from anything between the 12-minute commuter-friendly sweet spot, expanding up to the 20-minute mark. Live formats are also proving successful and as we start to see more points of sale integrated into our watching experience it’s clear to see the value hence why broadcasters, content creators and brands are investing heavily.


In this session, we’re going to broach the subject of creative formats and format durations in more detail, bringing together a range of experts to allow you to consider your own sweet-spot that works for you, your audience and your budget.


Join us for breakfast, to meet talented, like-minded people and to leave inspired and informed with some actionable tips for your next project.