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Our Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy

Here at Green Rock we want to make our website as easy and useful as possible. So when you connect with us on the internet, if you consent, we will sometimes put small amounts of data on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This data is known as cookies and helps us to remember who you are and how you use our website. It also helps us to provide a better experience and make improvements to our site. We never use cookies to identify you personally.


Why we use cookies

– To recognise your device and your preferences so you don’t have to give us the same information repeatedly
– To measure how many people visit our site and which pages they visit, so we can make the site faster and easier to use.


How to manage cookies

By using our website, we assume that you are happy with this cookies policy. However, you can manage or delete cookies on your device at any time.


About Google Analytics

We also use a system called Google Analytics to gather information about how you use our website. This involves setting cookies to remember the pages you visit, the time you spend on our website, how you reached our website and what you click on while you visit. None of your personal information is collected or stored using Google Analytics, and we don’t allow Google to share our analytics data.


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