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Going the Extra Mile By Ashley Hall, 02 November, 2016

We go the extra mile. Everyone says that, I know. Clients want and expect it, after all. But truth is, that’s genuinely what you get at Green Rock.

We know that editing has been changing, not just in the tricks and toys on offer in the software, but the whole process; how a production evolves and what clients want from their editor. To us, the editor (and the edit) has become the creative extension of a project, not simply the process of chopping it all together.

The Premiere premiere

Here at Green Rock, we reckon we’re one of the first, if not the first, Premiere-only post facility in London. Having operated with Final Cut Pro for a number of years, we decided as a team that it wasn’t the direction we wanted to continue. So we began the search for a new editing platform and quickly became a fully integrated Adobe Premiere facility.


We delivered our first series cut exclusively on Adobe Premiere back at the start of 2015. Collaborating closely with Adobe to troubleshoot the usual early teething troubles, we made it work, introduced a highly efficient workflow process… and have never looked back. Our experience as the creator of a huge range of television and digital content has enabled us to put in place best practice production – which means that our in-house team, from edit assistant to colourist will always work to ensure the best, most efficient results.

All in one place – our place

Another significant advantage of our workflow process is the ability to edit a show in one room and walk into another and see the graphics take shape.


Gone are the days of creating graphics in one location, an edit in another and your finishing somewhere else again. At Green Rock our team has all that covered, all in one place. And our on-site graphics work will link up directly as your project evolves, so you can see it all coming together in real time. We’ll grade it for you too in one of our DaVinci Resolve suites. We promise you won’t have to make it green…

Always-on creativity

When it comes to summing up our work ethic, here’s a quick story. We recently had a client call us at 4pm, asking for help to sort a production that evening. Within hours we’d sourced the filming kit and arranged the edit to begin at 11 that night, aiming to put the finished content online by 11am the next morning. Raw footage was immediately ingested, natively edited and delivered. Immediate organisation, great product, any deadline met. And the end result for our last-minute client? Within just a few hours, their content had been seen by 2.5 million people…


As we’ve put everything together in one place – Goodge Place – when you come to Green Rock you’re not just getting an editor, you’re getting whole team collaboration, with creative input from across the board to craft the best possible production.

Now that’s what we call going the extra mile.

Ashley Hall, Head of Post Production