The world’s first fully cloud based virtual editing solution

Green Rock VCS is the most flexible post production solution on the planet. Designed to let you concentrate on the creative and not have to worry about where in the world your edit is taking place.

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Edit Suites


Edit suites are so 2019, discover the future of post production

You don’t need a traditional edit facility to turn out great creative. VCS has successfully been used to produce content for Netflix, ITV and Channel 5 as well as global brands. Now it’s your turn…

Goodbye outdated workflows


Say goodbye to outdate complex workflows

Green Rock VCS is designed to offer the most streamlined, flexible and agile of edit solutions. Virtual collaboration with live view and review portals, virtual over the shoulder and instant feedback are integrated as standard

Access global talent


Access truly global talent of editors and producers

You found the perfect editor in Glasgow but your client is in Los Angeles? – no problem. VCS allows multiple teams to collaborate on the same project, no matter where they are or what hardware they are working on.

Flexible plans


Flexible plans mean you only pay for what you need

We manage the infrastructure and provide you with a scalable solution based on your individual requirements. Our flexible plans are designed to suit any business and scale with your projects, maximising utilisation and minimising costs.

Integrates the tools you love


The tools you already know and love

Our multi-cloud based media hub not only stores your media but powers virtual machines running Adobe Creative Suite™ and DaVinci Resolve™ so your team can get straight to work. As an official Adobe partner, we ensure everything stays ahead of the latest product releases.

Secure, scalable, storage


Secure, Scalable and Storage

Workflow security is very important to us. The multi-cloud architecture means your data is never alone, with 4X latency. Create your own storage hub or integrate with your existing cloud storage, our high-speed cloud storage is optimised for editing, data processing and streaming.

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“This is a game-changer, I can’t imagine working another way now, and it has meant we can better connect with all of our production partners all around the world.”

Ben Sinden, Managing Director,
Brave Bison

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With tailored integration, proven workflow solutions and secure trusted data management, Green Rock’s virtual editing solution is built for today’s digital creators. Book a demo today.