The world’s first fully cloud-based virtual editing solution

Green Rock VCS is a flexible, sustainable, virtual post-production solution. Housed entirely in the cloud, it lets your team concentrate on the creative and not worry about whereabouts in the world they are working from.

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Discover the future of post production today

Green Rock VCS, Virtual Creative Solution, is the world’s first fully virtualised sustainable edit solution.

Designed to meet the future of flexible hybrid and remote working that allow live remote collaboration, no matter where in the world your creative talent is based.

Increase your productivity, reduce costs both financially and environmentally and start maximising your team’s creativity today.


Say goodbye to outdated complex workflows

With both machine and storage operating seamlessly in the cloud, all that is required is a basic laptop and domestic internet connection. Virtual Collaboration with Live View and Review, Virtual Over-the-Shoulder and Instant Feedback integrated as standard and accessed through one easy-to-access user portal. We stream pixels instead of data, making for fast instant access to projects.


Access the best global talent, remotely

Borderless Creativity. It no longer matters where your creative artists live or work from, VCS allows for fully flexible working be that remote, hybrid or office-based. Remote collaboration allows any project to be picked up and put down instantly. No unnecessary proxies, no hard drives, no multiple versions.

Green Rock VCS allows team members anywhere in the world to access the same project.


Flexible plans mean you only pay for what you need

We manage the infrastructure and provide you with a fully scalable subscription-based model, to suit your project or business requirements. Our flexible usage is designed to suit any business and scale as needs and demands change, maximising utilisation and minimising costs.

Experience a reduction in non-creative tasks and increase productivity with valuable time saved for the important task of content creation.


The tools you already know and love

Our multi-cloud based media hub not only stores your media but powers the virtual machines running your favourite software Adobe Creative Cloud™ and DaVinci Resolve™ so your team can get straight to work.

As an official Adobe partner, we deliver an experience to the operator that is identical to that of a physical suite. No lag, no loss and everything set up to ensure creativity comes first.

multi-factor authentication


Built to the highest data security standards

Data security is important to us. The multi-cloud architecture means your data is never alone, with multi-factor authentication as standard. Have your own encrypted storage hub and integrate with your existing storage solution.

Our high-speed cloud storage is optimised for editing, data processing and streaming. Your files stay safely in the cloud at all times.

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“This is a game-changer, I can’t imagine working another way now, and it has meant we can better connect with all of our production partners all around the world.”

Ben Sinden, Managing Director,
Brave Bison

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