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Thinking of hiring a video production studio? Here’s 5 things to consider. By Stuart Goulden, 28 August, 2018

So, you have an idea for branded content or an internal briefing to issue and you’ve decided the only way to do it justice is with an engaging video or series of videos.

Knowing your content needs to stand out from the crowd, you decide it’s best shot professionally and to a broadcast-quality standard, however perhaps you’re new to hiring a TV studio. It’s a common complaint that the whole process is too technical and overcomplicated or that studios are out of reach for those on smaller budgets. Well the good news is that it needed be the case. Help is on hand…

We reveal the secrets to hiring the right studio for your production, including:

  • Why dry hire is often a false economy for brands and agencies;
  • How to ensure your video production comes in on budget and ahead of schedule;
  • Making sure you’re reaching a global audience beyond your existing customers;
  • How to spot the upselling techniques of studios and avoid cost creep;
  • Assessing the level of flexibility in your booking and responsiveness to any on-site issues;
  • What creature comforts to consider beyond the studio space (e.g. WiFi, catering, green rooms, work areas);
  • Familiarity of the crew with the studio and the equipment being used.

So, here’s our top five tips for studio space hire:

1. Talented crew will get the most out of the studio

Whatever branded content or broadcast show you have in mind, such as a TV commercial, corporate communications, product launch, chat show or live music session, the crew you opt for is likely to be at the heart of your project.

Great video content is the combination of creative vision and flawless execution, relying on a combination of a Director, Producer, Camera Operatives, Editors, Presenters and more to make your idea a reality. Assembling the perfect production crew – one that is greater than the sum of its parts – requires years of experience, a big freelance network and a studio setup that enables their best work to happen. A production partner, such as Green Rock, can make sure your crew complement your studio and ensure you get the very best talent without paying a penny more than you need to.

2. Avoid the hidden cost of everything

Many clients are waking up to the fact that only the most complicated of productions require bespoke studio setups. As a lot of videos follow a familiar format, a fully-flexible studio can be cost-effectively tailored and branded to achieve uniqueness and originality in the eyes of the viewer. This means you no longer need to start with a black box studio and expensively gather the individual components of a production yourself or encountering agency mark-up on each item. Ready-made sets and all-inclusive packages, such as those from TOG Studios, give you absolute clarity over costs and work out up to 50% cheaper than their unbundled counterparts.

3. Only state-of-the-art kit

When budgets are tight compromises are often made on the cameras, lighting and associated equipment. Whilst this might seem ok when looking at a kit list, you can really notice the difference in the quality of the final product. Make sure you’re doing your production idea justice with only the very best tech spec for your budget. Ask what technology and gear is available to you on-site and whether this will fulfil your creative ambitions without the need to hire additional kit in. A production studio regularly investing in the latest cameras and lighting will ensure you’re not cutting corners that you’ll later regret. It will also save you a lot of setup time and headaches.

3. Check the studio’s live-broadcasting capability

Live-broadcasting brings the world closer to your content. Engage a global audience with your video by streaming the action to the biggest social media platforms, such as Facebook Live and YouTube, as it unfolds. Ask if the studio has broadcast connectivity as standard. A dedicated and secure super-fast direct line will add a new dimension to your distribution and save you hundreds, if not thousands, compared to hiring in the connectivity you need separately.

4. Demand comfort during studio downtime

It used to be that production studios were only found in industrial estates and had little in the way of creature comforts for guests. Thankfully that’s changing, with location, facilities and food higher up on the agenda. Attract the best talent to your productions and keep clients happy with a studio that’s close to the office or well-served by public transport and comes with luxury green rooms, breakout workspaces, reliable WiFi, air-conditioning and healthy food and beverage provisions once you’re there.

5. Fast turnaround of your edits

With all the attention given to filming days, the speed and quality of your edits can risk becoming an afterthought. Make sure you’re meeting the always-on expectations of audiences by enquiring about post-production upfront. Ask about the post-production facilities and partnerships of the studio and how quickly you can expect to receive rushes and finalised edits in your inbox. This is a key consideration for any modern studio, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience as soon as possible.

Remember, it’s ok to ask questions of any prospective studio. In an ideal world this information should be provided upfront on their website and in their brochures but this isn’t always the case. You’ll find one question often leads to another but a good Studio Manager should be happy to help and pro-actively guide you through the process. Alternatively, an all-inclusive studio will take care of the end-to-end production process on your behalf and ensure everything you need to make your production a success is included in a single package and for a fixed price.

If you’re looking for such a studio in central London, Green Rock’s TOG Studios is here to assist.