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Innovation in end to end Production By Tim Plyming, 17 August, 2017


Much has been written about the seismic changes in the way that content is being consumed in our digital-first world, including the role of mobile, personalisation and data-insight as well as the emergence of an increasingly global audience.

The remarkable change in the way the world watches content has been underlined by a recent announcement from Netflix that it has passed the 100 million subscriber mark. The company is now valued at $78bn, making it worth almost ten times as much as ITV in the UK.


The other huge growth that we have witnessed over the last few years is in the drive towards advertiser funded programming and branded content. With a predicted growth rate of 32% year-on-year, and more than twice the growth rate of digital advertising as a whole, the amount companies will spend globally on branded content is widely predicted to grow to $50bn by 2021, up from $12.8bn in 2016.

A recent survey carried out by the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR) has revealed that UK agencies believe ‘branded content’ should be the top marketing priority of retail brands targeting Christmas shoppers in 2017.

But for agencies, production companies and brands these trends in content consumption have also resulted in radical changes in the way that content is planned, created and produced, requiring a huge amount of innovation in the production process from initial creative idea through to delivery.

The need for innovation in end to end production

At Green Rock we have made production innovation our central priority and over the past year we have been working with our clients to look at how they can streamline their entire production workflow, from commissioning, idea generation, script development, content capture, review, sign-off and distribution. With content requiring input and sign-off from multiple stakeholders often in different global locations, we’ve been developing a cloud-based approach to our content production workflow that matches the huge change we have seen in the way that content is consumed.

With many of the brands and organisations we work with needing to adopt an ‘always on’ approach to their publishing activity, as well as the need for a multi-channel distribution strategy, creating a seamless digital-first production workflow is more important than ever.

Our aim is to become completely cloud-based within a year

The innovations we at Green Rock are making in our production workflow have carried through to our dedicated post production facility. Through a partnership we have developed with Adobe; we are adopting a cloud-based approach, embedding Adobe’s Team Projects into our existing production workflow; our aim is to become completely cloud-based within a year.

Broadcast Magazine recently reported on our $330,000 investment, turning Green Rock into one of the UK’s first fully Adobe Premiere Pro facilities. It is an investment that has also seen us switch all of our workstations from Macs to PCs and invest in a dedicated fibre infrastructure to support global connectivity.

We are living through the fourth industrial revolution, a digital revolution, meaning that content can be imagined, captured, shared, reviewed, edited, signed-off and consumed anywhere in the world, and at Green Rock we are ensuring that our infrastructure and processes support this exciting next chapter in the content and production story.


Tim Plyming, Director of Content