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Introducing TOG Studios – powered by Green Rock By Tim Plyming, 21 June, 2018

We are thrilled to be announcing Green Rock’s exciting new partnership with The Office Group (TOG) to bring truly-flexible content studios to central London.

This week TOG Studios opens in Henry Wood House, a former BBC building (and my old office) next door to the iconic New Broadcasting House, designed with today’s fast-moving, digital-first content market in mind.

I joined Green Rock just over two years ago with the belief that brands and organisations would rapidly become ‘broadcasters’ in their own right and require a new type of production company to deliver content for them. In that time we’ve witnessed a huge increase in the demand for video content, with it now often being the default publishing format.

But as the demand for video goes up, we have also experienced a real lack of flexible studio space in central London.


So what is TOG Studios?


The concept is simple: Green Rock’s content creation expertise meets TOG’s premium spaces and hospitality to create an entirely different type of content studio. Think of the revolution TOG are responsible for as the architects of the flexible workspace market in the UK and now apply it to rapidly growing world of content creation.

Our shared vision was to create somewhere akin to the hugely popular YouTube Space and Facebook Studios, but to make it open to anybody with a story to tell. What’s more, it will include everything you could possibly need to do so. Kit. Crew. Sets. Connectivity. The lot. All state-of-the-art and with impeccable attention-to-detail.

As we started, we asked ourselves a question; imagine if hiring a studio space was as easy as booking a meeting room and included all the ingredients to create amazing video content under one roof. If all our customers had to do was turn up.


Powered by our people and packages


This is all possible thanks to our ready-to-go packages. We wanted to make it easier than ever to make broadcast-quality interviews and round-table discussions, lectures and training films, commercials, acoustic music sessions, podcasts and so much more.

At the heart of the studios lies Green Rock’s hugely talented production team, helping to bring content projects to life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice to a studio environment. We can help with everything from idea generation and scripting to sourcing talent as well as providing dedicated producer support. And when the cameras stop rolling, our world class post production facility is on hand to edit, grade and finish projects, with dedicated editors and a voice over booth. By having the entire production process under one roof we’ve managed to cut turnaround times by a matter of days.


Need a few extra special touches?


Delivering all this in the amazing space that TOG have created in Henry Wood House grants TOG Studio customers access to certain luxuries beyond the studio. Added extras include watching the live action unfold in the 30-seater cinema next to the studio, relaxing in the on-site cafe and restaurant, borrowing props and green rooms, jumping on to the balcony for a live broadcast, or taking some time out in the penthouse apartment. We think it beats turning up to a tired old black box in the middle of an industrial estate.

We’re very proud of our new space and would love to show you around when you are next in central London.

Find out more and explore our packages at greenrock.tv/togstudios