News  October 29 2021

‘Best way to predict the future…create it.’ Adobe on Green Rock VCS

Charlie Roper

Social Media & Digital Strategist


Adobe partnered with us back when everyone thought we were crazy and three-time Academy Award-winning editor Walter Murch, known for his work on such classic films as Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, and The English Patient, understands the benefits of a flexible workflow through Green Rock VCS. 

“we have literally picked up the whole damn edit suite and put it in the cloud as opposed to a W1 postcode”

Simon Green, Green Rock CEO to Adobe Creative Suite

Green Rock’s first test subject was ourselves moving the entire office minus the kitchen sink which was planned online long before any whisperings of the global change recent years have brought about. 

“Green Rock was the first user of Green Rock VCS. The company’s editors, designers, producers, and contractors tested the environment extensively during development. The virtual environment improves productivity by 34% by eliminating time needed to courier hard drives or copy files. Green Rock VCS also eliminates costs related to constantly upgrading workstations, renting equipment, and paying for office spaces, saving Green Rock 31% by going virtual.” 

Adobe Creative Suite

Find out how we transitioned into this new sustainable future facing model and how the creative suite seamlessly integrates across the workflow to streamline your editing process by reading Adobes take on it here

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Charlie Roper

Social Media & Digital Strategist

With adventures in digital ranging from launching Star Wars to launching the Carbon XPRIZE with Elon Musk, Charlie brings over a decade's experience in digital storytelling to Green Rock.

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