News  May 2 2021

Editors! Say goodbye to the dark ages of post production

Jacob Redfern

Production Manager

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Editors have a reputation of being the type to sit alone in the shadows taping away, solitary, intense and a little obsessive. Whilst a degree of that maybe true, what makes a brilliant editor is their ability to collaborate. In the world of post production, the edit sits at the core. Any team worth its salt is used to strategically juggling multiple stakeholders, files, visions and more often than not, delivery dates. 

Working from proxies or worst still localised storage is all very well. But, the process is incredibly inefficient slowing down post production. 

It’s time to move on from the era of opening and closing files to allow for simultaneous edit. We all dread those extended download times, whilst a titan of the file size world climbs into your machine. And that’s even before you upgrade hardware to cope with the bandwidth required, to run complex edits, animation or renders. 

You can kiss these archaic processes goodbye. Now all that computing power sits in the cloud, empowering editors and enabling them to do their best work

Having true flexibility to pick up a project, no matter where you are, that could be in the edit suite, on location, at home or working remotely, is the future and is only really possible if you have a truly virtualized workflow.

Green Rock VCS is the go to solution. The remote cloud based work flow that gives editors a system which really allows them to flex their creative muscle, with a tool that is defining the future of post production in 2021 and beyond

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Jacob Redfern

Production Manager

Climbing through the ranks of Green Rock, Jacob brings strong technical understanding and a creative mindset to ensure smooth execution that meet clients expectations across the whole post production process. End user and advocate of Green Rock VCS and its ability to transform the industry.

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