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Simon Green, Walter Murch and Pippa A.Hogg: Web Summit 2021, Lisbon

Charlie Roper

Social Media & Digital Strategist

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We’re excited to be taking part in a major session at the upcoming Web Summit on November 4th in Lisbon! 

Green Rock CEO Simon Green will be in discussion with triple-Oscar winning editor Walter Murch (who worked on The Godfather and Apocalypse now among many other highlights) and Pippa A. Hogg, head of Studio and founding member at CreativeLab, Ravensbourne University London’s in-house creative agency, which is an integral part of their new Institute for Creativity and Technology.

This session, entitled ‘Borderless, sustainable and democratic: Exploring the future of content’  will be a lively chat about how the processes of content creation have radically changed. Remote working is not just a by-product of being locked down in the pandemic, it’s a method of democratising content creation. If anyone can create material anywhere and with anyone else globally, there are many more opportunities for unheard voices, new combinations of talent and far more efficient collaborations become accessible. 

Simon will bring to the discussion his experience and observations about more sustainable industry methods. If everyone can easily work together without travel pollution, wasting time and sending drives of assorted versions here and there, then it’s a step in the right direction for changing the industry entirely and allowing it to have a future for the next generations. 

The session will also cover recruitment and opportunities. It’s no longer the case that wildly talented people must all move to capital cities. If their inspiration and energy comes from being in different parts of the world, then remote working also means that studios and agencies can hire anyone, anywhere while supporting and nurturing those creatives who thrive outside of the cities. 

You can expect to hear so much more from Walter Murch about his past experiences on iconic films and content of course. This is a great opportunity to see just how far we have come and how things have changed. Pippa’s access to the next generations and clear visions of the future are pushing the boundaries of how and where people can work, virtually and physically. 

It’s going to be a really valuable discussion and we hope that you can join us or follow updates on the talks at the Web Summit online. 

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Charlie Roper

Social Media & Digital Strategist

With adventures in digital ranging from launching Star Wars to launching the Carbon XPRIZE with Elon Musk, Charlie brings over a decade's experience in digital storytelling to Green Rock.

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