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The power of using talent in content

Join us to hear how the world of talent is changing.

The Groucho Club, W1D 4QB
Friday 7th April, 8.30am – 11:30am

You’ve got a great brand, but how can you harness talent effectively to help make your content and messages famous?

Switched-on traditional and influencer talent is more savvy than ever to the fact that online branded content is attracting vaster, captive audiences than traditional broadcast channels, so working together on projects can have cross-benefits for the brand and the associated talent.

The world of talent however, is changing.  Choosing the most authentic ambassador to carry your message, campaign or brand now comes with important choices to make and levels of complexity to navigate.

In our latest Green Rock Session, we invite brand and content marketers to hear from a panel of experts about harnessing the power of talent effectively. From which factors to consider when choosing the best ambassador for your brand, to how to execute the best work using a personality. Use this session to prepare yourselves for hitting objectives with your use of talent.

Presenting alongside Green Rock is TV and radio personality Angellica Bell, plus advice from a top London talent agency.