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World War One Season

BBC: World War One Season

To develop dedicated digital content to support the BBC’s multi-channel World War One season and enable extended learning, Green Rock was commissioned to produce a series of short films to help put the Great War in a contemporary context for a new generation of audiences. The films form the backbone of the BBC’s iWonder interactive guides to the war.

Creating digital-first content

In 2014, the BBC sought to put digital content at the heart of its World War One season, to achieve its goal of re-introducing audiences – and younger audiences in particular – to a war they thought they knew.

Innovation was central to the BBC’s approach, exploring how digital platforms would enable new ways of storytelling. The corporation commissioned over 100 iWonder guides – a new digital narrative format combining video, audio, text and graphic content – taking audiences on journeys through key themes in World War One. At Green Rock, we worked on the first set of iWonder guides, with a flexible, innovative approach to production and post production.

WW1: Underage Soldiers

For BBC iWonder, we produced two short films telling the story of how 250,000 men under the age of 19 volunteered to serve in the British Army during World War One. Presented by Radio 1’s Greg James, the films were shot on location at his old high school at Bishop’s Stortford in Essex.


WW1: Football

For BBC iWonder, we created two short films showing how football played a significant role in the lives of soldiers during World War One – despite often horrific conditions at the front. The films were shot at Tottenham Hotspur’s White Hart Lane stadium and presented by former England and Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas.

Extending the scope of digital learning

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are new breed of open learning courses from major universities, offering learners across the globe the chance to access world class teaching online. In the UK, FutureLearn has been working with a number of universities to launch the first set of British MOOCs.


WW1: Aviation Comes Of Age

In an e-learning first, we created dedicated content for a pilot MOOC project produced for FutureLearn by the BBC and the University of Birmingham. Producing a series of a dozen films in just four weeks, totalling over six hours of documentary content to support the online course, we investigated how the rush for innovation in World War One shaped the history of human flight. Filmed at the RAF Museum in Hendon – and using the museum as the lecture theatre – the films were presented by Dr Peter Gray, Director of the Centre for War Studies. At Green Rock, this required an innovative, can-do approach to production and post.