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Monster Truck 3D

Discovery Channel: Monster Truck 3D

Taking content for the Monster Truck Mayhem series and producing a wholly new version in glorious 3D, we worked in partnership with production company Sweet Pictures to edit 6 x 30 minute action-packed shows for Discovery Channel on Sky 3D.

Monster Trucks 3D celebrates the daredevil escapades of monster truck champion Tony Dixon and international stunt driver Terry Grant who push the envelope to create a series full of heart-pounding stunts in the biggest truck imaginable.

The series involved far more than editing – and our role quickly evolved. We became technicians and edit producers, given the intense planning and process required for 3D. To bring the series to life, we used an offline/online edit process at our purpose-built post-production suites in the West End, all the way to full DaVinci Resolve generation of final content in 3D. Monster Truck Mayhem was also broadcast in 2D by Discovery Channel.

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