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Betway wanted help in activating their multi-million-pound European football sponsorship, focussing on the most important aspect of the game. The fans. We partnered with Wasserman to deliver a social-first video series that was relatable to the Betway audience and focussed on an insight that would transcend borders.

Social Video produced by Green RockBrand Content Studio
Green Rock Brand Studio. Social first video

“As part of a global campaign, we were able to create localised versions in multiple languages, tailored to the social platforms in each market”

Ed Cotterill, Senior Creative Producer


For this project we were tasked with developing the first episode of a social series around football fan rituals. This episode needed to be exciting and fresh but also have elements that are repeatable in order to have the series feel cohesive. Where better to start than East London’s finest club West Ham. 

Utilising our agile social brand content studio on this project, we were able to turn this around at pace, including creating a suite of bespoke assets for each of the social channels Betway was looking to activate in. Our agile social content studio allows for lower production costs and a remote approach to shooting.


Being a social first project, we were able to really create something catered to the behaviours of the social audience, keeping eyes on the piece for as long as possible. We knew with a football-loving audience in mind that pacing needed to be really on point. No dull moments and action to keep the story flowing at pace and developing throughout. This piece was going to be distributed in several countries worldwide which meant a huge translation effort was made to make it accessible to users worldwide, this resulted in over 70 assets being created for international markets.

Green Rock Brand Studio, Betways West Ham United Wasserman


Within the first 10 days after launch, we are seeing upwards of 300k views on this content on platforms including Facebook and upwards of 200k on Instagram. This placed the social films in the top 10% of content on Betway’s channels. Turns out Rituals can deliver great results!






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