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British people are more likely to talk about their sex life than their finances so how could we get Britain comfortable talking more about their money matters?




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Just 22% of Brits are happy discussing finances with family and friends, whereas 29% of us are comfortable talking about sex to the same people. Strange huh? Green Rock went to task to address that balance and produced Money Bite, a long-form branded content series designed for a next-gen mobile-first audience. Tasked with the creative content development, our strategy and approach helped the bank think more like a broadcaster and created something that was ‘audience-first’ rather than ‘product first’, leaning into the norms you would usually associate with formatted factual entertainment shows.

The British public wasn’t so prude discussing what went on between the spreadsheets after all. The ten-episode content series, amplified across Natwest’s youtube channel proved a hit with audiences. Each 17 minutes episode had an average view time of over ten minutes and a view thru rate of 35% proving that audiences will stay and watch so long as it is quality content. Importantly for Natwest, it helped drive a new hard to reach audience through to the product online, boasting a 65% click-through rate. It became the most-watched piece of content Natwest had made to date, with over 2m views. Our approach fundamentally changed the way NatWest approached content and how by applying a different approach not only engaged and audience but drove through to sales. The series was nominated for a Drum Marketing Award.



Per episode

35% VTR

Highly engaging

65% CTR

Driving sales


Increase in YouTube subs