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Money Bite

NatWest – Money Bite

NatWest partnered with us to take a bold industry-first step to test consumer appetite for long-form content as part of a wider content strategy, adding weight to their ‘We are what we do’ multi-channel campaign. 

The resulting work was Money Bite, a re-invention of a longer-form magazine format TV show, which we smartly produced for consumption in a digital-first world.  

Hosted by Angellica Bell and Gethin Jones, Money Bite is an 18:00” long-form studio-based production, aiming to talk about finance through a vibrant lifestyle lens. Four individual 1:30”- 4:00” VT’s – which can also be used as standalone content – bring to life rich consumer-interest stories and activity that banks don’t typically talk about, but is already happening throughout NatWest day-in day-out.

Miss Macaroon

Innovation and creativity in execution…

In order to uncover the stories which resonate best with digital audiences, we agreed to turn the traditional process of creating content to promote a product or service on it’s head, instead approaching the opportunity immersively.

NatWest opened its doors open to us, so we could spectate, research and expose a host of unique consumer-interest story lines that demonstrate their commitment to delivering value to customers.  

Pairing these findings with customer insight data, we built short form segments designed to be highly shareable on social platforms. For the first episode these included:

Wise Guys: Graphic-led, peer-to-peer advice on the money matters on consumers’ minds

Enterprising Britain: Inspiring stories of small businesses supported by NatWest on their road to success

Tech Watch: A peek behind the curtains of RBS’ fascinating innovation and solutions unit, busy developing the future products and services for the bank

Budget Takeover: Supporting NatWest’s Money Sense programme, the sequence sets a family challenge of the children taking over the family finances for a week, with hilarious results.