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How personalised video increased engagement 10x

Using data and video to dramatic effect for a more sustainable solution to customer comms.


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The Challenge

We all do it. A letter from the bank arrives and we choose to either ignore it, or worst still take a cursory look and then file it. NatWest identified that the vital correspondence relating to products customers had just purchased went to a younger new generation of homeowners went unread.

This meant the customer was missing key pieces of information.  How could NatWest reach this hard-to-engage audience with a personalised, targeted message that was more sustainable?

Introducing the Personalised Mortgage film.  NatWest appointed Green Rock to create a suite of customisable personalised videos. Each film could be personalised using Video Smart technology to contain each mortgage borrower’s unique details, with data such as borrowing figures,  payment dates automatically applied to their very own bespoke video.

A short entertaining, bitesize video that tells the customer exactly what their mortgage repayments are, for how long and where to find more information and help without any financial jargon.  The videos needed to be on brand and not only remind customers of their mortgage details, but also introduce them to the NatWest mobile app. The most sustainable way to manage their mortgage, as well as the online, manage my mortgage portal. 

It was essential to show the UX of the app in the videos and the online portal, both on a phone and computer featuring actual screenshots, to familiarise and make customers aware of the product.

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“The insight was clear. Then began the process of creating personalised videos for all of NatWest Groups brands and mortgage customers, harnessing some nifty tech along the way and a well thought out creative direction, that could be adapted into the personalised narrative.”

Ed Cotterill, Senior Creative Producer

The Solution

NatWest Group has retail customers across the UK and required the asset to be branded for both NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland Customers.  This required a suite of two very similar videos to be shot but with subtle differences to reflect the individual branding of NatWest and Royal Bank. 

The videos needed to engage and explain the basic benefits of the app and portals functionality, as for most customers this would be their first experience of the tools.

The videos still being an engagement and retention tool front and centre.  Working with Video Smart our technology supplier, who would perform all the back-end magic, to automate and ensure customer details could be added correctly we jumped into the creative.

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The overarching narrative for what was needed to be conveyed was the first thing that we locked.  We knew we needed a spine that would work for both sets of videos. 

As the output of these films is massively dependent on the technology it was imperative that our skilled GFX department was across all calls,  meetings and on set to make sure what was being developed would work with the technology.  

Once we had nailed the narrative, it was down to our creative team to tweak and adjust for each of the brands.  We filmed in the same location but had to identify subtle changes in every shot to match the brand. 

Talent was also key for Royal Bank we went with Scottish TV presenter Danni Menzies and for NatWest we went with property influencer Tayo Oguntonade, each aligning to the respective banking brands


We delivered the work successfully with our partners at Video Smart, with the look, feel, and branding reflecting each bank.

Ahead of the nationwide rollout beginning in April 2022 they are already being distributed to the customers of NatWest and Royal Bank across the country. Earlier indications are showing a 98% open rate and a 96% completion rate on the films and an increase in those customers engaging with both the mobile app and portal to manage their mortgage. Together we helped reduce the impact of traditional paper communications and increased the effectiveness of the overall comms.


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