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SCRUBD – master craftsmen at work

With a premium product in a crowded market, SCRUBD called on Green Rock to highlight the thoughtful craft behind their brand and showcase the superior care that drives everything they do.

SCRUBD put men back in touch with nature through their carefully crafted range of all-natural grooming products. Combining cutting-edge techniques with tried-and-tested artisanal methods, SCRUBD turn the finest natural extracts, botanicals, vitamins, and essential oils into products that help men feel great in their skin.


This story would be the focus of a short series of videos evoking their ethos of craftsmanship and their lifelong pursuit of perfection, resulting in natural products that work and meet men’s demanding skincare needs.

Green Rock were tasked with capturing customer personas who share SCRUBD’s love of their craft. Offering a glimpse of master craftsmen on the job, the series of 60-second videos hear the passion and pride of makers in their own words, including a master boat-builder and artisanal blademaker.


We begin with a focus on the elemental: the sparks, the wood chippings, the fire. Audiences then experience the transformation of the raw ingredients before the age-old methods and modern-day techniques that form a craftsman’s toolbox get underway.


This intricate work then realises a wider vision, as the end product is revealed and the viewer is challenged with the question: ‘How do you master your day?’

SCRUBD – The Master Bladesmith

SCRUBD – The Master Boatmaker