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Soul Boys of the Western World

Spandau Ballet: Soul Boys of the Western World

In 2014, Green Rock took the world’s cinema audiences on a journey through the 1980s by telling the story of an iconic British band and a transformational era – as seen through the eyes of Spandau Ballet. “Soul Boys of the Western World” details how a small gathering of outsiders in London shaped the world’s view of music and fashion via Live Aid, Hollywood and beyond.

Inheriting a partly produced project, and nurturing it all the way to completion, we worked closely with production company Madman. With unprecedented access to the band and the people behind the band, all supported by meticulous archive research (sourced from formats including VHS, Betamax, Super 8 and 8mm, some found in the band members’ lofts) the Spandau movie came together over 18 months of intensive production and post at Green Rock in London. The movie premiered at the Royal Albert Hall and received five-star reviews.

The team are currently working on new Spandau Ballet projects for 2017.


Year of Release: 2014

Director: George Hencken

Producers: Steve Dagger and Scott Millaney

“Green Rock worked tirelessly and went above and beyond the call of duty, with a superior understanding of the production process.”

Steve Dagger, Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet