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University of Arts London – NY-LON 

Collaborating with the University of the Arts London (UAL), we were invited to creatively define, produce and deliver a short documentary for online consumption, capturing an inspiring collaboration they were undertaking with The Shawn Carter Foundation and creative agency Vault 49 on a project named NY-LON.

The Shawn Carter Foundation was established in 2003 by rapper Shawn Carter, AKA Jay-Z and his mother, Gloria Carter. Since the foundation’s inception, over $2.9M has been invested in initiatives to empower individuals facing socio-economic hardships to further their education at post-secondary institutions.

NY-LON is a cultural exchange programme linking scholars from the Shawn Carter Foundation in New York and students from London’s UAL. The aim of the exchange was to diversify student experiences by giving them opportunities to explore brand new creative territories.

Speed and cost-effectivity without compromising quality…

The film following the Shawn Carter Foundation and UAL scholars’ creative journey was shot intensively over five days, followed by a further five days spent in post production with Jamie at our Central London edit facility using Adobe Premiere.

Working to meet a tight budget set by the client, we set to find solutions which enabled the slickest look possible, cost-effectively.

University of Arts London